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Quitting is easy once you know how.

For 38 years I was a smoker, quitting more times than I care to remember though seldom for more than a week. One time I was able to go a year without smoking, another time for three years, but every time, that persistent urge to light and smoke a cigarette that seems to never leave you was stronger than my will to not smoke.

Then, at age 52 and having trouble breathing while sleeping, I decided to observe and study my addiction to cigarettes to see if I could discover how smoking works: what was the secret to quitting, what made smoking so desirable; what made it so difficult to resist?

Here’s what I found:

The secret to quitting that enabled me, from the moment I stopped smoking and without a moment of going crazy, to never need or want to smoke again, not even once for more than fifteen years.

How is it possible to smoke a cigarette one minute to pick yourself up, to wake up and snap out of it, and then, later, smoke one to relax, to calm yourself down? How is it possible for nicotine to be a drug that is either a stimulant or a sedative, depending on nothing more than which you, the smoker, choose?

How does more of the same, that is, changing the delivery method of an addictive substance help to end that addiction? Are heroin patches and opium gum the way to end an addiction to opium smoking or heroin? Why is it that the urge to smoke can still gnaw at you five, ten, even fifteen years after you’ve quit; and after all that time, you can still lose the battle, give in, and start smoking again?

Why is using willpower the worst way to quit? Why is it that the more you resist the urge to smoke, the stronger the urge to smoke becomes? What if your urge to smoke wasn’t an urge to smoke at all and was nothing more than an urge to feel better that had nothing to do with smoking or nicotine. How would that change the equation if the urge to smoke wasn’t really an urge to smoke, but something that arises in everyone, both smoker and non-smoker alike.

What if your addiction to smoking wasn’t an addiction but only a bad habit and a lot easier to break than you think.

The Secret to Quitting — The Easiest Way to Stop Smoking for Good . . .

• Is in understanding how smoking works as a stimulus-response pattern and how that pattern can be broken apart for good.
• Is in understanding how smoking can be used as both a sedative and a stimulant and how it has nothing to do with nicotine.
• Is in understanding that all the good feelings and enjoyment you get from smoking can be duplicated without having to smoke.
• Is in understanding that imagination is much stronger than willpower: the more your resist your urge to smoke, the more you imagine smoking until that urge builds into an irresistible craving and you finally give in.
• Is in practicing not smoking while you continue smoking until you’re ready to quit.
• Is in discovering that your urge to smoke is not even an urge to smoke but just something that you’ve trained and conditioned yourself to do in response to impulses that are common to everyone.
• Is in understanding that you don’t have to become an ex-smoker but can learn and condition yourself to be the nonsmoker you once were, as if you had never taken up smoking in the first place and never need to smoke again.
• Is in realizing that smoking is a habit and not an addiction, and habits can be replaced with new habits that serve you better while giving you all the satisfaction you find in smoking.

Putting an end to your smoking habit is a lot easier than you think. You won’t need e-cigarettes, you won’t need patches, you won’t need lozenges or chewing tobacco or gum. You won’t even need to know why you smoke or why you got started in the first place. All you need is to know how: how smoking works and have the right approach — Quitting is Easy: The Easiest Way to Stop Smoking for Good.

The Easiest Way to Stop Smoking for Good

Get it on Kindle. Just S2.99

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