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The anti-smoking movement that began in earnest in the late Sixties with the banning of cigarette TV ads was the beginning of Political Correctness, the Nanny State, and brain washing on a massive scale. What the antismoking movement did was to give power over others to people who otherwise had no personal power, aka losers, and encouraged them to get on someone’s case. Since then the disease known as Political Correctness and its evil twin, the Nanny State, have expanded enormously to intrude on almost every aspect of everyone’s private life to the point where we now live in some Orwellian world where anyone who even dares to have a politically incorrect thought is deemed a criminal or, at the very least, ostracized as a social miscreant.

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Where smoking in restaurants, on planes, and in offices was once the norm and no one gave it a second thought, people have now been conditioned to hate the smell of tobacco, with many triggered into coughing fits whenever someone lights a cigarette, even if the smoker is standing a good distance and downwind from them: circumstances that would make it impossible to smell the smoke. America has now regressed to the point where smoking an e-cigarette, which emits no smoke but only water vapor, in the wide open spaces of New York’s Central Park has been outlawed as if it were some sort of lewd criminal act while buses travel one after another down Fifth Avenue right next to the park spewing dark, filthy, heavy clouds of diesel exhaust.

Freedom isn't free.

Freedom isn’t free.

America was founded as a rebellion against the State’s encroachment on individual freedoms and property rights; but now we have the State banning people from smoking in their own home because a neighbor says he can smell it, or from smoking in a wide open space such as Sheep Meadow in Central Park where no one can smell it. Then we have absurd laws such as making certain size sodas illegal, like the law passed by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg and approved by City Council, or the passing of laws against e-cigarettes for no other reason than because they can. Such is the Nanny State and its minions: always on your case, always in your face. And it is enforced by a Police State that has shot unarmed people down in the street by the thousands since 9-11 for no other reason than because they can get away with it, and they like pushing people around.

Colonial Americans overthrew their overlords, the British, then the most powerful nation and military in the world. And for what? For a lot less than we put up with. When people had had enough of the abuses against civil rights made in the name of Prohibition, they overthrew it: they demanded it be brought to an end.

Today’s Press, the Mainstream Media, is part of a Corporatocracy, the same people who would bring you the central control of One World Government to enslave you, to make you a serf: Hitler’s dream brought to you in the name of political correctness by a police state posing as a nanny. The news they bring you is nothing more than bread and circuses, divide and conquer — anything of consequence is buried or swept under the carpet.

The intent of this blog is nothing more than my attempt to be one more voice in the wilderness, a source for what’s really going on in America. With enough voices, the truth will eventually drown out the propaganda and the lies, and then people will demand what is rightfully theirs: the dream of the Founding Fathers, the fruit of the Age of Reason: a country where people are free to think for themselves, free to make their own choices, free to live life on their own terms, and free to smoke in wide open spaces whether someone passing nearby likes the smell of it or not.

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