How Hillary Stole the Nomination

Bernie the schlub — so much for the Sander’s revolution — and how Hillary stole the nomination. You’ve got to wonder just what Bernie was offered to roll over and if he was ever in it to win in the first place or just to enrich himself by making some sort of deal.

I, for one, am glad he’s out of it because I think he could have won the general election and steered the country deep into socialism. You might like socialism, but look at what it’s done to Venezuela with it its citizens now forced to work in the fields. Medieval serfs had it better. Or in a milder version, look at Canada where meat can cost anywhere from double to ten times what it costs in the US where some of that meat is actually being shipped from Canada.

And what about free healthcare? Want to see a doctor in western Quebec? There aren’t any. You might try the emergency room and sit for 24 hours with no one seeing you. Or you could go to a clinic in Ontario where they’ll refer you to a doctor that Quebec won’t pay for. Canada used to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but this is the price of fixing something that isn’t broken. It’s the price of socialism.

Bernie won the first roll call at the Democrat convention. What does that mean? It means he won the nomination but the results were disregarded. And it looks like Bernie may have actually won California where they didn’t bother to count millions of votes.

In short, Hillary didn’t win anything, Hillary stole the nomination.

From Truthstream Media: Hot mic proves Bernie was never really a candidate.

Sanders surrenders democracy, justice, to endorse dictatorial election fraud in a rogue state: ‘Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding President, and I’m proud to stand with her tonight!’

By Carl Herman via Washington’s Blog

Now, Election Justice USA issued their report of the 2016 primaries, Democracy Lost, with findings that Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primaries, but was denied victory from the following types of election fraud (pg. 95):

1) Targeted voter suppression

2) Registration tampering

3) Illegal voter purges

4) Exit polling discrepancies

5) Evidence for voting machine tampering

6) The security (or lack thereof) of various voting machine types

. . . (more)

Hillary Has Seizure, Pretends It Was a Joke

Hillary has seizure, but don’t worry: she was just making fun of disabled people. Check out the look on these girls faces as Hillary has a seizure right in front of them and then tries to pass it off as some sort of joke about disabled people, something she tried to tear Trump a new one for — making fun of disabled people — not too long ago. Send in the exorcists, or is it not possible to exorcise a demon from a demon?

I nominate this song for the DNC’s 2016 theme music: it’s a perfect fit.

NYC: New Speech — Trump Attacks Clinton on TPP . . . Why Trump Will Win

why trump will win

Why Trump will win. Image Credits: YouTube

Why Trump will win: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). He Attacks what’s wrong with the country, what’s wrong with Hillary, and there’s so much that’s wrong, what’s at risk, and serves it up in a presentation that anyone can understand. Hillary’s whole thing may be I’m with her; Trump’s is I’m with you.

Basically, his speech is all about what everybody already knows but no one else will talk about because they have no intention of fixing anything, that is, unless you view the word fix in terms of “the fix is in.”

Listen to the speech point by point and you’ll know point by point why Trump will win. To vote for the Hildabeast is a vote for global governance and a vote against America.

California Election Fraud: Did Bernie Win California?

California election fraud

California election fraud: Did Bernie win? Image Credits: By AFGE, Wikimedia Commons

California Election Fraud: Did Bernie Win California? Guess we’ll never know.

So what do you do when the favorite might lose? Throw out the votes, of course.

The 2.5 million votes that weren’t counted means not only did these voters waste their time but that their voices weren’t heard. Nice!

After Frustrating Primary, Millions of Ballots in California Remain Uncounted

The uncounted ballots would put the total number of voters at around 8.5 million, or around 47 percent of all registered voters

From Common Dreams by Nadia Prupis, staff writer

More than 2.5 million ballots from California’s June 7 primary are still uncounted, sparking questions about the results of the presidential contest in which Hillary Clinton emerged the winner and leaving the fate of local races in the air as poll workers continue to grapple with reports of voter difficulties.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the uncounted ballots would put the total voter turnout at around 8.5 million, or around 47 percent of all registered voters. While the results are unlikely to impact Clinton’s win in the state, Bernie Sanders said Thursday he expected the final tally would show a closer race—one more in keeping with polls that predicted a nail-biter.

* * *

Los Angeles County, which on Tuesday voted 57 percent for Clinton versus 42 for Sanders, reported more unprocessed ballots than any region at roughly 616,000. San Diego County, where Clinton won 55 percent to Sanders’ 44, had 285,000 uncounted ballots. . . . (more)

The Day PC Died? Gays Switch to Trump

By Birdieftw, Wikimedia Commons

All you need is love? Gays switch to Trump. Image Credits: By Birdieftw, Wikimedia Commons.

Gays switch to Trump. Was Orlando the day PC died? Guess hug a Muslim isn’t working. Maybe they need more hugs? Or maybe it was just a bad idea to begin with.

Oops, looks like the hug a Muslim guy got arrested for threatening to blow a lawmaker’s home up.

I’m a Gay Activist, and After Orlando, I Have Switched My Vote to Trump

From PJ Media by Anonymous

[T]he events of Orlando have shattered my political beliefs, as I can no longer swear allegiance to a peace-love-and-unicorns progressive philosophy that only helps to get my fellow queers killed.

Yes, there is a war between religious fundamentalism and the spirit of love and tolerance. But we progressives here in America still labor under the delusion that the religion we need to combat is Christianity. But that’s a strawman opponent, and has been so for decades. Since the 1990s, Christian extremists have essentially lost all their power, and are now toothless nonplayers in the “culture wars.” Meanwhile, Muslim extremists, with guns, murder us, and on the left our only response is to bleat about “Islamophobia” and jump through hoops trying to explain away the self-evident religious motivation for the killings.

* * *

Although I voted for Hillary in the primary, I now cringe inwardly with shame and embarrassment at having done so, and in November I will vote for Trump.

Why? Yes, I know that Trump is an a**hole, Trump is a clown, Trump is a motormouth buffoon. You don’t have to convince me of that. But he’s also the only person saying anything about putting the brakes on Islamic extremism, and in light of what happened last night in Orlando, suddenly that is the only issue that really matters when it comes to the health, well-being and safety of the queer community. . . . (more)

The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. Now 100 People Are Dead Or Maimed In Orlando

From Breitbart by Milo Yiannopoulos
A lot of people laughed at Donald Trump when he suggested a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country. No doubt they thought he was further harming his chances in the general election.

No one is laughing now. What’s more, I expect many are quietly wondering if the “temporary” ban might have to be permanent. Western capitalist democracy gave women and gays equal footing in society; Islam has arrived to roll the clock back.

Only one presidential candidate is being honest about it, which is why, if you are gay, there’s really only one choice in this election. (It was Latino night at the gay club, incidentally — Hispanics may wish to consider that, too.)

We’ve also learned in the past few hours that the killer was already being watched by the FBI. This happened in Brussels, too. Both times, the security services dropped the ball. Something tells me that they’d be a lot more vigilant, and a lot less lenient to their surveillance targets, under a Trump administration.

It’s not just gay people under threat. Atheist satirists in the west now live in fear of being executed because they drew the wrong cartoon. Women face the terrifying prospect of being attacked at night for wearing a short skirt.

The barbaric cultures of Raqqa, Riyadh, and Kabul now prowl the streets of Cologne, Paris, and Orlando, Florida.

Atheists, previously wedded to the political left, have started to grow sick of the constant Islam apologia. Left-leaning atheists like talk show host Dave Rubin and cult YouTuber Carl Benjamin have realised that the right is a greater ally against this barbaric, dark-age ideology than the left ever will be. . . . (more)

Election Fraud — Lawsuit Exposes Vote Rigging in Dem Primaries

election fraud

Election fraud or just a fraud? Either way you lose.

Election fraud from the Dems? Who’d have thunk it?

Racketeering Lawsuit Exposing Nationwide Vote Rigging in DNC Primaries Could Derail Clinton

From The Free Thought Project by Jay Syrmopoulos

Corte Madera, CA – A major lawsuit is on the precipice of being filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, the implications of which could dramatically alter the landscape of the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

The group claims that in about eleven states, there has been noted a significant difference between the exit polls and the electronic vote totals presented on the morning after the primaries. These differences show votes appear to be shifted from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. The chances of this kind of shift happening are considered to be statistically impossible between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in these eleven states.  See the chart below.

* * *

“We are going to be filing a racketeering lawsuit under the Ohio Racketeering law, the strongest in the country and we can bring in every state, our RICO statute is coextensive with the federal RICO statute… So they’re nailed,” said Cliff Arnebeck.

Arnebeck, an election lawyer, got his J.D. from Harvard and is the chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio and a national co-chair and attorney for the Alliance of Democracy. He will be joined by Bob Fitrakis, an election lawyer and political science professor, as co-counsel.

Computer security expert Stephen Spoonamore, who worked with Arnebeck on exposing GOP election fraud in Ohio has noted that when exit poll data varies more than 2% from electronic vote totals, the electronic vote totals are questionable. . . . (more)

Trump Media Disconnect: the Media Always Gets It Wrong

Image Credits: by Michael Vadon, Wikimedia Commons

Trump media disconnect: What? I’m still losing? Yeah, right! Image Credits: by Michael Vadon, Wikimedia Commons

Trump media disconnect: It seems that when It comes to Trump, the Media always gets it wrong. Are they living in an alternate universe? Their own private Idaho? Or are they tools (pun intended) of the NWO, globalist elite?

Hillary Clinton is unraveling quickly

From the New York Post by Michael Goodwin

A liberal friend is very concerned about the Republican Party. He tells me that Donald Trump will make it impossible for anybody anywhere running under the “R” column to win election. Even a dogcatcher in Podunk is doomed!

The New York Times shows a similar concern. Surely written with furrowed brow, its front page worries because “Sparring in GOP Rises” and because “Rift Grows Wide as Republicans Abandon Trump.” It joins two other concerned lefties, the Huffington Post and CNBC, in declaring that the GOP is “unraveling.”

All stand ready to help sponsor a dignified funeral, but that won’t be necessary. Their reports of the Republican Party’s death are premature. Very premature.

A new Quinnipiac poll tells the inconvenient truth. Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied in each of the three key swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

The breakdown in Florida reveals how truly close the race is. As Politico puts it, Clinton has a 13-point advantage among women, 48 percent to 35 percent, while Trump’s lead among men is also 13 points, 49 percent to 36 percent. Each gets 39 percent of independent voters, while Trump wins big among whites, and Clinton wins big among nonwhites. The candidates have identical net negative approvals of minus 20 points, 37 percent to 57 percent.

With the poll showing Bernie Sanders doing better against Trump than Clinton (and Sanders winning the West Virginia primary on Tuesday), I myself am growing concerned about the “unraveling” of the Democratic Party!

Big Media’s fixation on the defections of Big-Name Republicans is the latest proof that both groups remain stubbornly disconnected from real Americans. If Trump had been dependent on the support of Mitt Romney or Sen. Lindsey Graham or assorted pundits and donors, he never would have gotten 10 million primary votes.

He launched a rocket-fueled revolution, defeated 16 rivals and became the presumptive nominee by running against the entire national establishment, not to mention conventional wisdom and both political parties.

Now he’s doomed if Romney doesn’t back him? Nonsense.

Yet each day, the drum beats louder about a new and greater threat to GOP harmony. The current one is the insistence from everybody on the left, and a few on the right, that Trump is toast if he can’t get House Speaker Paul Ryan to endorse him. . . . (more)