Pizzagate and the Clintons — Just How Deeply Are They Involved?

Pizzagate and the Clintons. What is pizzagate? It’s a pedophilia ring where you can order up child sex as easily as a slice of pizza. How deeply are the Clintons involved? Up to their necks, apparently.

From Freedom Outpost By Tim Brown

As #Pizzagate begins to unravel and the mainstream media runs from it while pointing the fingers at citizen journalists who are eager to expose the truth behind the criminal pedophile ring in DC, a series of reports is here to help keep you updated with the information you need to know in order to inform your representatives and demand justice.

However, the DC pedophile ring just might include your representative or senator. Therefore, be ready to demand justice against even the guy wearing your team’s jersey.

Still, this pedophile ring is not limited to DC, but has been fully and internationally operational for decades. . . . (more)